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Crossfit Kids

Crossfit Kids

What is it?

CrossFit kids is for 6-12 year olds

CrossFit kids is a great way to for kids to exercise together, learn healthy habits and find the fun in CrossFit!

We have created a program that is fun and engaging and is sure to have them laughing, breathing hard and asking for more! Utilising some of the CrossFit basics the 45 minute sessions will have a mixture of games, mini workouts and skills development. Getting kids involved in functional fitness at an early age is a great way for them to learn to exercise safely and effectively underpins all of their other physical pursuits, from tag in the playground, through to football and gymnastics.

CrossFit Teens

CrossFit teens is a program designed to teach your teens how to move safely, build strength and prepare them for their next stage as they progress to becoming an athlete, CrossFit or otherwise! Open to kids from 13-19 and of any ability/experience these classes will teach them how to move properly and safely, whilst building strength and athleticism.

CrossFit teens will closely follow our adult programming focussing on developing technique, then strength. A CrossFit teens class in full flow really is a fantastic thing to see!!

Free trial class

Getting Started

Cost is £93 for a full term pack (12 sessions) or £10 for a drop in (sold in blocks of 4).

Your first session is a free trial, so book your little ones in today and see if they like it!

For more info please email

When is it?

CrossFit kids will run from 4.15-5:00 every Tuesday during term time.

Crossfit teens will run from 4:15-5:00 every Wednesday during term time.