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Crossfit Programming


Designed for athletes from beginners to RX athletes.

Our programming is designed to build your skills and develop your strength and fitness.

Our aim is to continue developing and improving your ability to move well, as we improve the quality of the way you move on the basic level this will go through all the complex movements.

The core, mobility and accessory exercises are really critical for this development. As is the volume you train and the deload weeks.

Appropriate volume and intensity will allow your body to improve how you move, challenging accessory movements that require increased core strength and mobility means our athletes area of weakness is constantly being challenged and minimised.

We tailor all of this into our program so all you need to do is stick to it.


Program outline

All our programs start with a chat through your goals and fitness assessment with one of our coaches. We also make sure our athletes keep in touch and update us on their progress and can ask if they have any concerns or questions.

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Who programs

Head coach Jamie works with the whole team to put this program together. Our training plan is designed from the end of the cycle backwards, so Jamie starts by writing out how the final week will look then working back to where our members currently are. He then follows this template each week to design the weeks plan, each week in our team meeting we are chatting and assessing how our members are feeling and adapting the training and responding to this.

Having worked in the Fitness industry now for over 12 years, I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience. During that time I’ve also seen a lot of ‘gimmicks’ and fads come and go.

Constantly trying to improve myself and learn more is a big focus of mine. I’m always looking for new information and ways to train clients and myself. I’ve found that functional movements performed at high intensity combined with a good diet is the best way to reach your fitness goals. I’ve trained dozens of clients this way with fantastic results.

I firmly believe what you put in, you get out when it comes to training and health. Fitness and Nutrition should
be a way of life, and not something that once you reach your goal, you drop.

Program includes:

  • 6 Days Programming
  • Leaderboard & Zen Ap for recording workouts
  • Accessory work
  • Access to Crossfit Private Facebook page
  • Feedback from your own Coach