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Endurance Training

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Crossfit stags and does endurance training.

Our endurance programming is very effective and is designed  to improve your aerobic capacity over time.

ITs results led and every 6 weeks each of our athletes will retest their results and we have consistently got improvements in all our athletes completing this 2 x / week.

We train you in a variety of different energy systems, using aerobic and anaerobic methods to get the best results. This includes sessions focusing on long sustainable efforts all the way to sessions focusing on short power output intervals.

These sessions are ideal for anyone who want to improve their cardio, with either the goal to help them in longer aerobic crossfit wods, or with an endurance based goal such as; Improving 10km run time, complete a triathlon, or even to run your first mile!

These sessions are for all abilities and are programmed in such a way that an elite athlete can train alongside a cardio novice and both can get a great workout suited to their level.


Program outline

All our programs start with a chat through your goals and fitness assessment with one of our coaches. We also make sure our athletes keep in touch and update us on their progress and can ask if they have any concerns or questions.

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Login and record all their scores on our leaderboard and record strength progress on our ap.

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Who programs

Luke & Josh Program this together. Luke has completed the Opex programming for the Air bike course.

Both coaches previously had a weakness for endurance but have turned it into one of their strength through intelligently programming their own training. Bouncing the ideas off each other for this keeps the training fresh and effective.

Program includes:

  • 2 Days Programming
  • Leaderboard & Zen Ap for recording workouts
  • Accessory work
  • Access to Endurance Private Facebook page
  • Feedback from your own Coach