Our Green gym


Fantastic News! Crossfit Stags & Does reached the Cambridge Independent SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards Final 2023 in the Sustainability Award category.

Our aim as a business is to have a positive impact on the environment.

Our solar panels generated 3.8Mwh. In the last 12 months we generated almost enough to completely offset our use over the year.

We also planted 81 trees for every new member who joined, with the fantastic charity the World Land Trust.

Our clothing supplier is certified climate positive.

We’ve switched to electric hand dryers at the gy

m – Using our Solar power and reducing paper waste.

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We are solar powered

In 2021 we installed 5kw of solar panels on our gym. This is more than enough generation for us as a gym and in fact our electric meter is going backwards. This means we are not only producing enough power to run our gym, we are also putting that extra power back in the grid and powering other businesses near by.

Ethical sports clothing – Awesome Takes Practise 

We have set up our own ethical sports clothing brand.  Now all our merchandise has a positive effect on the environment and the lives of the people who produce it.

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How do we do this?

  • The factories producing the clothing are powered entirely by renewable energy.
  • The cotton is grown using organic methods that positively effect the environment.
  • The workers are paid well, this is very rare in the fashion industry.
  • The packaging is all paper.
  • All this and more.

Carbon offsetting

We have been fully Carbon offsetting our energy use with the fantastic Charity the World Land Trust since opening in 2012. They have calculated our gym carbon footprint and the best way to offset this is to protect rainforest.

We love the environment and hope to inspire other businesses and people to do the same.

 We do not want to make a living by having a negative impact on the environment. We will instead have a positive impact on the environment.  We will do this by donating £5 for each new member to the World Land Trust to plant a tree.

Why the environment?

It’s an issue that effects us all and it already is, the temperature has risen already, our coral reefs are dying and jungles are being cut down and habitat is being lost. We can make a change and if we get stuck in, we can fix this. We are incredible when we set our minds to something. So if you’re inspired by this, first reduce your own carbon footprint, as we have then make a donation to the World Land Trust, or better still make a commitment to offset your carbon footprint with the World Land Trust.

What we have done so far

We have already Carbon offset the energy use of the gym since opening in 2012 and will be doing this every year going forward.

Firstly we have worked to make the gym use as little energy and waste as we can.

Lights – We have switched the majority of our lighting to LED’s

Toilet paper – We use a high quality Bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo is very fast growing and so absorbs a lot of carbon. We looked into recycled paper vs bamboo paper and this is we believe the best option for the environment.

Recycled paper towels – We use paper towels made from recycled paper to dry the members hands.

Charity work

The gym has Carbon Offset 6.42 tonns of Carbon emissions with the World Land Trust.

The coaches have raised funds to plant 25 trees and protected 2 acres of threatened wilderness habitat with the World Land Trust.

We have also helped other wildlife charities:

We Raised £465 for the Orangutan Foundation who work to save Orangutans and their habitat.

£1185 for Save the rhino international who raise funds and awareness to conserve all 5 rhino species.

What can you do to help?

The most effective thing you can do is reduce your carbon footprint and encourage your work or business to do the same.

Why don’t you carbon offset your own life or your business its amazing the impact this will have.

Plant a tree for £5 with the World Land Trust:


Thank you to all our members and friends

Big thank you to all our members and friends who help sponsor us and make this all possible.