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CrossFit programming 6.1.20
January 5, 2020
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January 19, 2020

CrossFit programming 13.1.20

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Week 9 – (9/15 ) 

13th – 19th January 2020 

Block 1: Strength focus  

Last week of block 1. This week we have ‘CrossFit Total’ (1RM Back Squat + 1RM Strict press + 1RM Deadlift = total) on Tuesday, and also a 1RM Snatch retest on Thursday. (Last week was 1RM C&J). Wednesday there will be a strict pull/push benchmark. 

This will complete the 9 weeks of strength focus, moving into 6 weeks of skill focused training for the remainder of the cycle. The overall goal for these 15 weeks was to increase strength in the main lifts & basic strict gymnastic moves. Then to use this strength to improve/acquire/learn skills such as Pistol Squats, T2B, Muscle ups & HSPU.

The weekly structure will remain very similar for these 6 weeks, but with a lot more bias towards improving skills and less strength overall. We will however still maintain what we’ve gained. The cycle will finish with a deload week and then move into the next phase at the beginning of March.  

Well done to all that hit a new PB last week in the C&J! It’s so awesome to see members getting stronger, fitter and healthier. We can’t wait to see you all smash this coming week! 

All our best, 

The coaches 

Overview for this week:  

Monday: EMOM 25 

Tuesday: CrossFit Total  

Wednesday: Strict gymnastics retest + conditioning 

Thursday: Snatch 1RM retest 

Friday: Benchmark Friday 

Saturday: Partners WOD 

Sunday: Olympic lifting class / Rest day 



  • Double unders 
  • Deck squats  


EMOM 25 

Min 1: 10-15 deck squats 

Min 2: 35-50 DU / 70-100 SU / 10-15 attempts  

Min 3: 10-15 burpees 

Min 4: 10-20 pull ups  

Min 5: Rest 

TUESDAY 14th  

CrossFit Total 

Sum of the Best of Each Lift 

  • Back Squat 
  • Shoulder Press 
  • Deadlift 

Beginner athletes should treat today as an opportunity to practice and get comfortable with heavy lifts. This should not be a super big grind. The objective for all lifts is to get good reps with optimal mechanics at a very heavy load, not the heaviest load. The number of reps allows the coach to catch any big deviation in mechanics at a sub-maximal weight. Be sensible & check the ego at the door. Listen to the coach & respect their advice.



(Record scores and scaling on ZenPlanner) 

Find a max for the following… 

Strict Handstand push ups 

Max unbroken strict HSPU 

Strict pull ups 

Max unbroken strict pull ups 


16 minute AMRAP 

20 Goblet lunges 22.5/15kg 

20 ball slams  

20 DB hang cleans (10 each arm) 22.5/15kg 

20 Box jumps 24/20” 

20 single arm DB push press (10 each arm) 22.5/15kg  

20 Up/downs (half burpee)  




1RM Snatch (25 mins) 


‘Freddy Krueger’ 

21-15-9 for time (8 min cap) 

KB Swings 32/24kg  


FRIDAY 17th  



  • OH Squat
  • Running mechanics


5 rounds for time 

400m run 

15 overhead squats 42.5/30kg  


Tabata #1

Alternating each 20 seconds..

Sit ups 

Arch ups 

Tabata #2 

Forearm plank 

Weighted glute bridge  



  • Jumping lunge technique 
  • Hollow rocks 


In pairs, AMRAP in 35 minutes. Split work however you like, but only 1 person working at a time. 

AMRAP in 35 minutes 

24 Jumping Lunges 

24 Hollow Rocks 

24 Air Squats 

24 AbMat Sit-Ups 

24 Burpees 

24 cals Bike/Row  

SUNDAY 19th  

Oly lifting class or Rest 

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