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April 11, 2021
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CrossFit programming 19.4.21 (week 2)

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‘Back To The Box Program’

WEEK 2 of 5 

19th – 24th April 2021 

Re-introduction to CrossFit and the main movements.  

This week overview: 

Monday: Front squat 

Tuesday: Deadlift 

Wednesday: Gymnastics  

Thursday: Olympic lifting (Power clean) 

Friday: Aerobic / Endurance  

Saturday: ‘Chelsea’ Benchmark 

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Front squats

4 sets.

6 x perfect Front squats (from rack) @ tempo 21X1 

(Rest 2 minutes between sets)

Looking for quality movement here, try to stick to the tempo prescribed. Look to increase the weight from last week.


“Sky Hook”

For Time-

3 Rounds:

20 Hang Power Cleans 

20 Front Squats 

20 Push Press

Rx: 40/30kg 

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Conventional Deadlifts 

In 15-20 minutes, build to a perfect 6 reps @ tempo 3111

Rest for 2 mins after each set.

*No more than 80/85% effort level on your heaviest set. 1 more rep than last week, but added tempo. 



Buy in: 75 DU / 150 SU

In the remaining time, AMRAP:

20 USA KB swings @ 24/16kg 

15 Box jumps 

10 Toes to bar / Toes to rig / Hanging knee raises / Sit ups 

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E2MOM 12

Min 1: 4-10 Strict pull ups / 10-15 ring rows

Min 2: 2-5 Strict HSPU / 8-12 Z-press

Min 3: 10-20 sec L-sit hang / Seated L-sit hold 


‘Devil in, Devil out’

Buy in: 16 S.A Devil presses 

Then, 3 rounds of:

8 Burpee to plate

12 Pull ups / ring rows 

16 S.A Push press (8 each side)

Cash out: S.A 16 devil presses

@ 22.5/15kg

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Olympic lifting – Power Clean

15-20 mins to build to a Perfect single Power clean. Use this time to work technique and not worry about how much weight is on the bar. Not a max effort, only good reps! As soon as form starts to deteriorate, then that’s your weight for the day.

Record weight lifted on Zen Planner for future reference.   


For Time

60 Goblet lunges (30 each leg) 

60 Dumbbell Snatches 

60 Wall Ball Shots / Wall ball toss

60 Push-Ups

60 DB deadlifts (30 each side)

Rx: 22.5/15kg DB

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FRIDAY 23rd 


Every 5 minutes for 8 rounds:

500m/400m row / 30/21 cal bike / 100 DU / 50 slam balls 

10 burpees

20 sit ups 

The goal here is to be consistent on every round and ensure you have adequate rest. 

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EMOM for 30 minutes

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups

15 Air Squats

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes, perform 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, and 15 Air Squats. If there is any time left in each minute, rest until the next minute starts.

Score is the number of rounds finished in 30 minutes, with the best possible score being 30 rounds. For the rounds to count, they must be performed every minute on the minute.

If you fall behind the clock, keep going and get as many rounds as possible (AMRAP-style) in the remaining time. Bear in mind, though, that your “Chelsea” score will only count the number of rounds you completed as an EMOM.

Beginner Option:

3 Jumping pull ups / ring rows

6 Incline Push-Ups

9 Air Squats

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