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CrossFit programming 24.2.20
February 23, 2020
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CrossFit programming (Week 1/8) 9.3.20
March 8, 2020

CrossFit programming 2.3.20 (deload week)

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Deload week 

2nd – 8th March 2020 

Deload & ‘no drop’ week. 

After a long 15 week cycle (split over 2 blocks), we now have a week to ‘deload’, and have some fun before starting a new training cycle next week. There will still be some intensity throughout the week, but volume is reduced overall. 

This will be ‘no-drop’ week, which means no dropping bars, DB’s or KB’s. Weights must be controlled down in all movements. 

Some ways to maximize deload week: 

  1. Emphasize recovery. Get a massage, drop into a yoga class, go for a walk. You shouldn’t be working out every day. 
  2. Be kind to yourself. Many people think that if they take a day off or lower the intensity of their training, they will either lose fitness or gain weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Give yourself a break. 
  3. Lastly, trust the process that’s laid out for you. A “deload” week is scheduled and planned into your programming for a reason. 

Overview for this week:  

Monday: Front squat 

Tuesday: 4 x 6 min AMRAP’s 

Wednesday: Strict press 

Thursday: Tempo Deadlift 

Friday: Functional Bodybuilding  

Saturday: Partner workout  

Sunday: Olympic lifting class / Rest day 

MONDAY 2nd MARCH (deload) 


Build to 70% of 1RM Front squat, then.. 

EMOM 10  

Min 1: 3 Front Squats @ 70% 

Min 2: 10 hollow rocks + 10 arch rocks  


3 rounds not for time. Move well and with purpose. 

30 Wall balls  

30 Pull ups 


(coach to choose) 

TUESDAY 3rd (deload) 


4 x 6 min AMRAP’s* 

6 Min AMRAP: 
100m Run 
50ft Bear Crawl (roughly 2 lengths of the gym) 


6 Min AMRAP: 
200/150m Row 
15 Power Cleans (40/25kg) –> no dropping the bar! 


6 Min AMRAP: 
8 cals Bike 
18 Alternating V-Ups 


6 Min AMRAP: 

20 Slam balls

12 Up/Downs 

*3 Mins Rest Between AMRAPs 

WEDNESDAY 4th (deload) 


Strict press 

4 sets of 5 reps  

(Not a 5 rep max. Build to a moderately-heavy set of 5) 

Rest as needed between sets. 


For time 

Row 500m 
Assault bike 30 Cal 
50 box jump up, step downs 24/20” (no rebounding) 
40 deadlift 70/45kg  
30 T2B/K2E 


(coach to choose) 

THURSDAY 5th (deload) 


Tempo Deadlift @ 30X1 

Rest as needed between sets. Aim for good quality reps. 

4 sets of 5 reps 

Set 1: 50% 

Set 2: 55% 

Set 3: 60% 

Set 4: 65% 


For Time 




FRIDAY 6th (deload) 


3 Tri-sets with 60-90 seconds rest after A3. 

A1: DB/KB Floor press 6-8 reps @ 40X0 

A2: Wide grip strict pull ups 5-7 reps  

A3: L-sit (Hanging or on parallettes) 15-30 seconds 


14 minutes not for score 

8 dual KB/DB Deadlifts 

50ft dual KB/DB front rack carry 

10 tempo push ups (30X0) 

3 wall walks 

20 sit ups 

(select weights for the wod that are challenging, but you can maintain great form with)



  • DU’s
  • Wall sit


AMRAP (with a Partner) in 30 minutes  

Partners can switch whenever as needed. 

Station 1:  

From 0:00-10:00, Partner A performs: 

20 Wall Ball Shots (9/6kg) 

50 Double-Unders 

Partner B performs AbMat Sit-Ups* 

Station 2:  

From 10:01-20:00, perform: 

30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (22.5/15kg) 

14 Box Jumps (24/20 in) 

Partner B performs Wall Sit* 

Station 3:  

From 20:01-30:00, perform: 

12 Plate ground to overhead 20/15kg  

100m Run 

Partner B performs Burpees* 

* Partner B performs the solo movement while Partner A does as many reps as possible of the couplet for the current station. Partners switch as needed. 

This is a partner workout with three 10-minute AMRAPs, where Partner A does as many reps as possible of the work prescribed for the current station while Partner B does the asterisked movement (Partner A may only work while Partner B is working). Partners move to the next station together after 10 minutes. Partners may switch as needed. 

SUNDAY 8th  

Olympic lifting class / Rest day 

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