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CrossFit programming 5.8.19

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Week 7/10  

Week 7 of this 10 week cycle. 

Once this 10 week block is complete we will then focus on preparing for the CrossFit Open which will now be held in October moving forwards. There will be some testing on weeks 9 & 10 to track progress.

Brief overview for this week:

Monday: T’n’G Cleans  

Tuesday: Push Jerk & pacing workout 

Wednesday: Muscle ups / teams of 2 

Thursday: Front squats / leg strength 

Friday: T’n’G Snatch / ‘Little Mary’ 

Saturday: Deadlift / pairs EMOM

Sunday: Olympic lifting class / Rest day 



‘Touch and go’ Squat Cleans (3 reps) 

15 minutes to establish a weight for the day. Rest as needed. 

Build to a heavy as possible 3 touch and go Squat Cleans. 


4 Rounds for time 

10 Hang Power cleans 50/35kg 

12 Burpee over bar 

5 Push press 50/35kg 

30 DU  



Push jerk 


Build over the sets. Aim to finish on a heavy double for the day. 

Rest as needed. 

15 minutes to complete 


4 rounds for pacing 

MUST REST 2 minutes after every round. Aim for consistency on each. 

Go hard on each round but no more than 30 seconds time difference between any of the rounds.

200m run 

20 wall balls 9/6kg

20 DB snatch 22.5/15kg (10 each arm) 



Muscle up skills and warm up

E2MOM x 10 minutes 

1-5 Muscle ups 

(Any variation. Can be strict, kipping, toe nail, banded or even use this time to work on your pulling/pushing strength to progress towards getting a MU) 

We’ve spent weeks and weeks working on pushing, pulling and strengthening the midline. Everyone will be at a different level with their ability, and how close they are to a MU. Ideally your first Ring MU will be a strict one, demonstrating you have strong/stable enough shoulders to complete the movement before moving on to the kipping version we commonly see in CrossFit.  

If you want to get a kipping bar MU, then ensure there is no ‘winging’ of the shoulder when landing in the dip position on top of the bar. The coach will make sure everyone is working at the correct level for them and you gain something from the session. 

Enjoy this and let’s see if we can get some first muscle ups out!! 


In Teams of 2, with only 1 person working at a time. Split work as you see fit.

16 minute AMRAP 

60 cals Bike/Row 

40 box jumps 24/20” 

20 Sit ups 



Front squats 

7 sets of 2 reps @ tempo 20X1** 

Build over the 7 sets finishing with a heavy double. 

(Check back to last week to see what weight you finished on for 3 reps. Increase weight.) 

**Different tempo this week 


For time 

24-20-16-12-8-4 of 

Barbell Front rack lunges 42.5/30kg

Hand release push ups 



‘Touch and go’ Snatch (3 reps)

15 minutes to establish a weight for the day. 

Build to a heavy as possible 3 touch and go Snatch (power snatch or squat snatch).


‘Little Mary’ 

20 minute AMRAP 


10 pull ups 

25 air squats 




A – Deadlift warm up, posterior activation & technique overview. Grip selection and set up.

B – Build up to a heavy 2 reps @ tempo 20X1 

Must be good reps, solid technique throughout. Check back to last week for a guidance on the weight to aim for on heavy 3 reps.

Tempo = 2 seconds down controlled, 0 at the bottom, explode up, 1 at the top. 


“Hang in there partner” 

EMOM (with a Partner) for 20 minutes

5 Thrusters @ 42.5/30kg + 5 Burpees 

(While partner hangs from Pull-Up Bar) 

This is an every minute on the minute workout where Partner A has one minute to finish the reps. Whatever time is left in the minute is rest time. While Partner A completes the reps, Partner B is hanging from a pull-up bar. Scale appropriately so that you can complete the 20 minutes.  


Oly lifting class or rest day 

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