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CrossFit programming 7.10.19 (Week 1 Open 20.1)

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CrossFit programming 7.10.19 (Week 1 Open 20.1)

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Week 1 CrossFit Open 2020 

7th – 13th October 

First week of the CrossFit Open starting this Friday. Exciting times!! 

If you want to play and haven’t registered yet, head over to to sign up. 

Chat to your Hybrid Coach if you have questions about The Open, and decide if it’s right for you or not. Remember, it’s not for everyone and we understand that. The weekly programming will still be awesome, even if you’re not entering the Open. We want to look after all of our members, whatever your goals may be. 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday will be normal training days throughout these 5 weeks, with Thursday being an ‘active flush’ to get you ready for Friday. We will though be dedicating Friday’s to the Open workouts over the five weeks of competition. It will be the class WOD that day, but you also have up until the Monday evening to get it done (you’ll need to be judged by a certified judge) and submit your score online.   

Have a great week and good luck in the Open if you’re taking part!

Overview for this week: 

Monday: Power clean + push jerk 

Tuesday: Back squat / ‘Ogar’ WOD 

Wednesday: Gymnastic strength / Pairs WOD

Thursday: Active rest / Pre game day  

Friday: Open workout ‘20.1’

Saturday: Hero workout ‘Jennifer’

Sunday: Olympic lifting class / Rest day 



Push jerk 



12 minutes to establish a heavy Power clean + Push Jerk. 


With 70-75% of that weight, perform 3 sets of 5 unbroken touch and go power clean + push jerk. Rest as needed between sets. 


5 Rounds for time  

10 burpee box jump overs 24/20” 

12 KB swings 24/16kg 



Back Squat  


Build over the 5 sets to find a 3RM back squat.  

If you’re feeling good, then go for a max attempt. If not, then keep the technique spot on and just work up to something moderate-heavy. The last 4 weeks of tempo work has hopefully helped improve your technique and positional strength. No tempo for this piece today.



14 minute AMRAP 

3 Snatches 60/42.5kg 

1 Muscle up (Bar/Ring) 

12 Wall balls 9/6kg 



Not for time 


Strict HSPU 

Strict Chest to bar Pull ups 

*Perform 20 fast ab mat sit ups after each round* 


In Pairs for time. (1 works, 1 rests) 

30 synchro air squats buy in 

Into 4 rounds of: 

30 cals bike/row 

30 push ups 

90 DU / 180 SU 

30 synchro air squats buy out 


‘Pre game day’ 

3 x 9 min EMOM’s with 3 mins rest between each. 

Keep the intensity relatively low if intending on hitting the Open workout tomorrow. If not doing the Open, then you can really go hard on each of these 3 EMOM’s.  

EMOM #1 

Min 1: 40 seconds of down/ups

Min 2: 40 seconds of Russian KB swings 

Min 3: 40 seconds of hollow rocks 

REST 3 mins 

EMOM #2 

Min 1: 10-12 DB clean and jerk (single DB, 5 or 6 each arm) 

Min 2: 20-25 air squats 

Min 3: 10-12 superman rocks 

REST 3 mins 

EMOM #3 

Min 1: AMRAP in 45 secs DU/SU 

Min 2: AMRAP in 45 secs handstand hold 

Min 3: AMRAP in 45 secs forearm plank 


CrossFit Open workout 


TBA ??? 



Box jumps 

American KB swings 

Pull ups 



26 minute AMRAP 

10 Pull ups 

15 KB Swings 24/16kg 

20 box jumps 24/20″


Olympic lifting class or Rest 

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