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Crossfit explained

WOD Cambridge 01/10/12
October 1, 2012
WOD 10/10/12 – 40 min WOD
October 10, 2012

Crossfit explained

Here is our interpretation at WOD Cambridge of what crossfit is to us and how we train:
Crossfitts aim is to make you a complete athlete. The workouts aim to prepare you and make you good at any workout, you will not only be strong in everyday life you will be able to take on any challenge, through the broadness of the work we do you will also quickly acquire new skills and adapt quickly to new challenges.
We Aim to improve fitness abilities such as strength, endurance, power, agility, flexibility, speed and balance.
We do this by focusing on 3 specific elements in each session:
1) Technique, skill and strength.
In each session we will be focusing on first perfecting your technique and skills and then developing your strength on Olympic lifting and gymnastics. These exercises include:
Deadlift, Shoulder press, push press, push jerk, Clean, Snatch, Sumo deadlift high pull, air squat, front squat, overhead sqaut.
Press ups, hand stand press ups, pull ups, box jumps, muscle ups, kipping pull ups, butterfly pull ups.
These exercises require and develop core strength and power.
2) R.O.M or flexibility.
Range of motion is essential and is a limiting factor for so many people in their training and in life. We focus on increasing this during our sessions. The exercises we use do not allow poor flexibility in a number of planes so you are forced to improve your flexibility if you want to perform certain movements, which is a great incentive.
3) Finally and most importantly High Intensity W.O.D’s, Our wods are high intensity and varied. No two workouts will be the same, so you are forced to have a very broad fitness.
WOD’s are also great fun and competitive, This is very unique to crossfit and pushes our athletes to constantly expand their comfort zone.
Only when you have learnt a skill to a good level will we then include that new skill in our WOD. But as you increase your strength and speed
Finally crossfit has a very broad application and our training will suit everyone, it has used widely by the military, police forces, firefighters and athletes, but by scaling our workouts we can start from beginners and develop you into athletes.

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