CrossFit programming 16.9.19 | Crossfit GYM
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CrossFit Programming 9.9.19 (Open prep week 1)
September 8, 2019
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CrossFit programming 23.9.19
September 22, 2019

CrossFit programming 16.9.19

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Open prep week 2 

16th September – 22nd September 

2nd week of our lead up to the CrossFit Open starting on October 10th

Check back to last week’s programming for a full brief on this block and what we intend to do over these weeks. 

If you haven’t registered yet, head over to and sign up! Speak to your hybrid coach if you have questions about The Open, and if it’s right for you or not. 

(I would HIGHLY recommend being really sensible if doing back to back days this week. The intensity is high (apart from Thursday) and you’ll need time to recover from the workouts. For example, if you’re coming Friday for the Open workout, then have a rest Saturday. Both days are intense and we don’t want anyone over training/getting injured.) 

Have a good week, and enjoy your fitness! ?  

Overview for this week: 

Monday: Snatch 

Tuesday: Gymnastics focus 

Wednesday: Cleans / Pairs WOD

Thursday: Pre-game day flush 

Friday: Open workout 17.5 

Saturday: ‘Hotshots 19’ 

Sunday: Olympic lifting class / Rest day 




15 minutes to build to a ‘heavy’ in the complex: 

2 hang power snatches + 1 power snatch + 1 OHS 


For time 

Buy in:  

30 burpees 

5 rounds of 

16 DB snatches 22.5/15kg (8 each) 

14 air squats to med ball 

12 push ups 

10 Sit ups 

Cash out

30 wall balls 



5 minutes to practice Handstands / Free standing HS / Wall facing HS 

5 minutes to practice Hollows & arches / Kip swings / Midline engagement 

5 minutes to practice Toes to bar / Toes to rig / Toes to KB  / L-sits 


15 min AMRAP 

5 T2B 

10 American KB swing 24/16kg 

20 DB box step ups (10 each) 22.5/15kg DB – you choose where to hold the weight, think 19.3) 




15 minutes to build to a ‘heavy’ in the complex:

2 hang power cleans + 1 Power clean + 1 jerk 


You go, I go style for time (15 min cap) 

10 rounds (5 rounds each) 

9 calories row / 7 cals bike

7 Deadlifts 82.5/60kg 

5 Strict HSPU 

**Be sensible with the DEADLIFT weight. This is a heavy bar and must be treated with respect. Good technique throughout. You and your partner MUST be able to both lift this weight for UNBROKEN reps. You’ll be sharing the 1 bar.** 



This will be a great sweat, but also get you ready for the big Open workout tomorrow! 

3 rounds not for score 

E2MOM 36 

Min 0-2 400m run 

Min 2-4 Sit in the bottom of a squat for 2 mins (can you do it?) 

Min 4-6 2 minutes of down/ups 

Min 6-8 Rest walk  

Min 8-10 30 second forearm plank + 30 seconds of sit ups x2 

Min 10-12 Passive hang from bar (every time you drop, perform 5 air squats)


STRENGTH: (Use this as a primer for the WOD) 

3 supersets: 

10 x DB Push press 

8 x Barbell front squats (from the floor, you must clean it) 

Rest 90-120 seconds 

Build the weight each set and work up to a moderate/heavy. 


  • Thruster technique & build weight towards the weight you want to use for the workout. 
  • DU/SU Practice and skills/tips 
  • Pacing strategies 



10 Rounds for time 

9 Thrusters @ 42.5/30kg 

30 DU 



‘Hotshots 19’ (40 min cap) 

6 Rounds For Time 

30 Air Squats 

19 Power Cleans (60/40kg) 

7 Strict Pull-Ups 

400m run / (500m row or 25/20 cals bike)


Olympic lifting class / Rest Day 

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