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CrossFit Programming 9.9.19 (Open prep week 1)

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September 1, 2019
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CrossFit Programming 9.9.19 (Open prep week 1)

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Open prep week 1  

9th September – 15th September 

We hope you enjoyed ‘deload week’! There were some fun workouts last week, and plenty of opportunity to work on your skills. It was also Test Week for the Endurance class with some epic scores being put up. Great job team! 

Here is the first week of our lead up to the CrossFit Open starting on October 10th

There will be a focus around the Open, but also still keeping in mind the members who won’t be interested in signing up and come to us for overall health and fitness. 

We will dedicate Friday’s to an ‘Open-style’ workout (the day we’ll host the Open WOD’s over the 5 weeks), and Thursday will become a ‘pre-game day flush’. The flush will be a longer, sweaty workout which will allow you to stay fresh for the Open workout the next day, and also challenge the members who aren’t entered and just want a good session. This will begin now and continue through the 5 weeks of the Open. 

We’ll also be rotating the strength section of the class and won’t be dedicating a day for each movement. E.g. Friday was always Snatch, now it could be any day of the week. This will expose more people to the movements and build on what we’ve already learnt. After the Open, we’ll go back to having a dedicated day for each strength piece. 

Have a good week, and enjoy your fitness! ?  

Overview for this week: 

Monday: Back squats

Tuesday: Push/Pull upper 

Wednesday: Snatch 

Thursday: Pre-game day flush 

Friday: Bergeron Open test 

Saturday: Cleans 

Sunday: Olympic lifting class / Rest day 



Back Squats – 4 sets

8 reps @ tempo 32X1 @ 50-60%

(Rest 2 mins between sets)


In a 14 minute window, complete the following: 

21 Power cleans (60/40kg) 

21 T2B 

15 Power cleans 

15 T2B 

9 Power cleans 

9 T2B 

6 Power cleans 

*Max T2B in remaining time* 

Your score will be the time you finish the final 6 Power cleans, + total number of T2B in remaining time.




5×5 building 

A1. Strict press 

A2. Strict pull up (optional weighted) 

Perform 5 reps of strict press, into 5 reps of strict pull ups. Rest 2-3 mins between sets. Build over the 5 sets. 


5 rounds for time 

20 Slam balls 

15 KB Deadlifts 1 x 24/16kg 

100m single arm farmers carry (1 x KB) 24/16kg. Hold in 1 hand for 50m, then change. 




15 minutes to build to a ‘heavy’ in the complex: 

Snatch grip DL + Hang Power snatch + OHS


In Pairs – You Go, I go. 

1 full round each. 

18 minute AMRAP 

5 calories bike/row 

10 DB Snatch 22.5/15kg (5 each arm) 

15 Box jump overs 24/20”



10 min EMOM 

Min 1: 5 box jumps/step ups + 5 air squats 

Min 2: AMRAP DU’s / SU’s / DU practice 

Rest 3 minutes 

10 min EMOM 

Min 1: 5 ‘no press’ burpee + 5 plate G2OH 

Min 2: AMRAP Stepping OH lunges with plate 

Rest 3 minutes 

10 min EMOM 

Min 1: 5 push ups + 5 sit ups 

Min 2: 100m run 



‘Bergeron Open Test’ 

AMRAP in 20 minutes 

50 Wall Ball Shots (9/6kg) 

50 Double-Unders 

40 Box Jumps 

40 Toes-to-Bars 

30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups 

30 Burpees 

20 Power Cleans (65/45kg) 

20 Jerks (65/45kg) 

10 Power Snatches (65/45kg) 

10 Muscle-Ups (Bar or Ring) 




15 minutes to build to a ‘heavy’ in the complex: 

Clean grip DL + Hang Power clean + Front squat


For Time: 

150 air squats 

800m run 

50 HSPU 


Olympic lifting class or Rest day 

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