CrossFit programming 20th May 2019 | Crossfit GYM

CrossFit programming 20th May 2019

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CrossFit Programming 13.5.19
May 12, 2019
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CrossFit programming 20th May 2019

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Week 8/12 

Strength deload week. 

This week we pull back on the lifting volume and get ready for the final 3 weeks of this block (testing weeks). These will be pretty full on, so this current week could be a good time to pull back your training slightly and get yourself in a good state to give it your best shot. Try not to over train this week, get plenty of sleep, keep hydrated and stay on top of mobility. There are a few opportunities for intensity but on the whole this week should be fun 🙂

No percentage work or heavy back squats this week. 

Highlights this week: 

  • Fun partner workout 
  • Open workout 
  • Barbell complexes 
  • Chances to work on skills / weaknesses

Here’s a little reminder of the focus for each day of the week now that we’ve added in extra Endurance classes on Tuesday and Fridays: 

Monday: Snatch / Classic CrossFit style WOD 

Tuesday: Gymnastics / Body weight 

Wednesday: Back squat / Aerobic / Longer WOD 

Thursday: Clean & Jerk / Classic style CrossFit WOD 

Friday: Functional bodybuilding / Unilateral exercises 

Saturday: Push/Pull alternating 

Sunday: Olympic lifting class 



12 minutes to build up to a heavy ‘Torokhtiy’ complex. Not a max effort, use this to work on speed under the bar and technique practice. 

1 Snatch 

1 Snatch balance 

1 OHS 


For Time: 

(20 minute cap) 


10 dumbbell snatches 22.5/15kg 

15 burpee box jump-overs 24/20” 

20 dumbbell snatches 

15 burpee box jump-overs 

30 dumbbell snatches 

15 burpee box jump-overs 

40 dumbbell snatches 

15 burpee box jump-overs 

50 dumbbell snatches 

15 burpee box jump-overs 


E2MOM 12 

Min 0-2: 20 false grip ring rows 

Min 2-4: 10 strict HSPU 

Min 4-6: Accumulate 45 seconds hanging L-sit 


10 minute AMRAP 

20 wall balls 9/6kg 

5 strict pull ups 




A1. Single leg suitcase DL 3 x 8 each leg (controlled tempo throughout) 

A2. Goblet reverse lunge 3 x 10 each leg 

Rest 90 seconds between supersets.


Not for time: (Perform at 60-70% effort / 6-7/10 RPE)

800m run 

100 air squats 

80 DU / (160 SU / 30 attempts) 

400m run 

6 wall walks 

40 burpees 



12 minutes to build up to a heavy complex and practice technique. Not a max effort. 

3 Clean grip DL’s 

3 Hang power cleans 



For time: 

WOD #1 

Partner 1 performs 50 KB swings 24/16kg while Partner 2 holds a Handstand. Switch. If handstand is broken, both perform 5 burpees each before continuing.

Straight into… 

WOD #2 

Partner 1 performs 50 box jumps while Partner 2 holds a 20/10kg plate overhead. Switch. If overhead position is broken, both perform 5 burpees each before continuing.


Fun warm up 


15 minutes to work on any skill/movement you want. This could be one of your weaknesses or even something you missed in last weeks programming.  

Here’s a few ideas: 

  • Double under practice 
  • Muscle ups 
  • Pull up strength 
  • Mobility 
  • Handstand holds 


20 minutes of work for QUALITY. The aim here is to maintain a smooth pace and not go nuts. Treat this as an ‘active flush’, push blood around the body to promote recovery. 

30 prisoner step ups (15 each leg) 

10 down/ups 

60 single unders 

20 side plank rotations (10 each side) Optional weighted with DB. 

10 scapula pull ups 



12 minutes to build to a heavy complex: 

1 Push press 

2 Push jerks 

3 Split jerks 


For time: 

“Bottle Rocket” 

25 burpees 

25 power cleans 60/40kg 

25 burpees 

**Perform 7 wall balls at the top of each minute** 

Workout starts with burpees. At the top of each minute (starting at the 1-minute mark) perform 7 wall ball shots, then continue the workout where you left off. 


Rest day or Olympic lifting class 

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