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Crossfit Programming 270117

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Crossfit programming 200217
February 19, 2017
Crossfit programming 060217
March 5, 2017

Crossfit Programming 270117

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Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Open so far. WOD 1 was a great challenge.

The 6:30am crew and Pipa

The 6:30am crew and Pipe

Extra Row session & fitness Challenge
This week we have a 1km Row Fitness test, The best mens and women time will win a Car sticker. Please enter your score on the white board by the rower.
Recover for 3 mins & Follow this with a 3 x 30 Cal adult bike with 2 mins rest between sets.
Mobility Warm up during rest on Death by strict pull ups
Front squats Every 2 mins
5 x 5 @ 80%
WOD pairs (Break the reps in any order only one athlete working at a time)
90 Thrusters
60 Toes to bar
30 Burpees
RX 45/30kg
EMTOM for 6 mins 1/2 max Muscle ups, beat swing, pull ups or chest to bars.
EMOTM for 10 mins climbing
1 x Clean & jerk
8 Minute amrap
50 Double unders
12 Chest to bar pull ups
SC 20 double unders & pull ups
Every EMOTM for 6 mins 2 Snatch from high hang climbing
Followed immediately by
EMOTM for 6 mins 1 x Snatch climbing
WOD 5 rounds for time
20 Wall ball
The Open begins, good times

The Open begins, good times

Chest to wall HS hold
Beat swing
E2MOTM for 14 mins
OHS x 5 climbing
WOD 9 Minute AMrap
9 sit ups
6 Hang P Clean
3 Press
RX 50/35kg
If time Finish with Core strength and flexibility
The WOD will be released at 1am Friday morning. One things for sure there will be no dumbbells
Open 17.2
9:45 class
10am Foundation class:
6 Minutes of double unders EMOTM 5 V-ups
Push press – Coach then built to 3 rep Max over 8 minutes
Front squats build to heavy 3 over 5 Minutes
WOD – 9 Min amrap
3 Pull ups
15 Air squats
3 Burpees
11am Class
You second chance to get WOD 17.2 completed
Open 17.2
Shall, Adam, Zoe and Tony after 17.1

Shall, Adam, Zoe and Tony after 17.1

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