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CrossFit Programming 2nd Jan 2019
December 30, 2018
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CrossFit Programming 14.1.19
January 13, 2019


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Monday 7th –> 12th January 2019
Note from the Head Coach-
Hi team,
This is week 1 of a 7 week block leading up to the CrossFit Open (click here) which starts on the 21st February. Each day has a different focus, and the overall aim of these 7 weeks is to prepare you for The Open (if you wish to enter that is!) 🙂 If not, you’re still going to get super fit! Here is an overview of what each day will generally look like:
Mondays: Overhead squats
Tuesdays: Deadlifts & Partner WOD
Wednesdays: Gymnastics/Body-weight movements / skills & aerobic endurance
Thursdays: Barbell cycling
Fridays: Open style workouts & accessories
Saturdays: TBA on the day 😉
I hope you enjoy the workouts and the awesome gains you’re about to get from them!
All my best,
Monday 7th Jan
Overhead squats 6-6-5-5-4 (first 2 sets tempo @30X1) 3 seconds down, 0 seconds at the bottom, eXplode up, 1 second at the top.
Aim to increase the weight each set depending on how you feel and your own OH squat mobility. The aim is to get comfortable with the bar positioning overhead and try to hit your depth on each rep. The tempo will encourage better positioning and technique.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
18 minute AMRAP
30 box jumps
30 wall ball shots 9/6kg
**Every 3 minutes perform 3 Bar Muscle Ups (Scale: 2 pull ups + 2 push ups/dips = 1 MU)

Tuesday 8th Jan
Deadlift 8-8-8-8 (every repetition must be at tempo @30X1) 3 seconds lowering the bar to the floor, 0 seconds on the floor, eXplode back up with control, 1 second at the top of the lift.
3 second controlled eccentric phase on the way down with the bar. Focus on keeping the bar close and posterior muscles engaged throughout. Increase weight each time, or pick a weight that’s challenging and stick with it for each set. Smooth technique and control is the key here.
– – – – – – – – – – –
Partner Workout
5 Rounds for Time
8 Man Makers (22.5kg/15kg DB) / Plank Hold
20 Deadlifts (80kg/50kg) / Wall Sit
24 One-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters (22.5/15kg DB) / Scissor Kicks
Partner A starts the man makers while Partner B holds plank. Partner A may not start a rep until partner B is working. Partition the work as needed, but both partners must work at the same time. Partners may switch positions at will. Once the man makers are complete, either partner may start the deadlifts, and so on.

Wednesday 9th Jan
Part A:
8 minute EMOM
Odd: 12 Box jumps
Even: 5 unbroken Strict pull ups (Scale: Banded)
Part B:
8 min EMOM
Odd: 10 burpees
Even: 5 unbroken Strict HSPU (Scale: Either seated DB press or use plates + ab mat for SHSPU)
– – – – – – – – – –
(Endurance/Engine focus)
3 min AMRAP: Cals (Row or Bike)
1 minute REST
3 min AMRAP: Air squats
1 minute REST
3 min AMRAP: Double unders / single unders
1 minute REST
3 min AMRAP: Burpees
1 min REST
3 min AMRAP: 50m shuttle runs
The goal here is to stay consistent over the whole 3 minutes. Pick an intensity you can stick to, don’t go all out and crash & burn after 1 minute. Earn the 60 seconds rest but it should be enough time to then hit the next 3 minutes.

Thursday 10th Jan
Barbell cycling
11-9-7-5 (Touch & go. Must be unbroken sets, so choose a weight that you can manage. Add to the bar each set.)
Focus on moving the bar well and getting confident with multiple reps. 1 rep more on each set than last week. Try to use the same weights you used last week. Make sure to record weights on ZenPlanner so you can track accurate progress.
8 minutes to complete each piece. Start cleans with weight you finish snatches.
Power snatch 11-9-7-5
Power clean 11-9-7-5
– – – – – – – – – – –
21-15-9 for time
Handstand Push-Ups (kipping allowed)
Sumo deadlift high pull 35/25kg
Butterfly Sit ups

Friday 11th Jan
Open style WODs
6 rounds for time
6 Thrusters @ 60/40
6 C2B Pull Ups
6 Bar facing burpees
– – – – – – – – – –
ACCESSORIES: (to be performed after workout once HR has come back down)
3 sets for quality
3 TGU each way (choose weight you can perform with quality)
9 back extensions with a 2 second hold at the top
12 sit ups

Saturday 12th Jan
Workout and Strength announced on the day

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