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Rowing strength and conditioning course

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Rowing strength and conditioning course

6 week Rowing course:
Individuals £60 or £55 for a group of 5.
10 athletes available = £500
About the course
It is a rowing specific strength and conditioning course your athletes will learn & master perfect rowing specific lifts.
The benefits for both young and experienced Rowers mastering these movements will increase there strength and power directly and also help prevent injuries now and in the future.
Our six week training course is designed to:
Teach your athlete correct form
Teach them how to get stronger so they can use this in their own training.
Increase there power
Increase their fitness
Each session will start with flexibility, then coaching 1 to 2 strength movement and doing strength training on these exercises. The last 15 minutes of each session will work on fitness and have a fitness challenge.
Rowing Athlete strength & power Course 1:
The fundamental movements we will coach athletes are:
Deadlift – How to lift safely and with a strong back.
Strict press – How to press overhead with stable shoulders and a strong stable spine.
Squat – How to squat with correct knee alignment and a straight back
Pull up – An essential movement in stabilising the shoulders generating pulling strength and preventing/ rehabilitating shoulder injuries.
Sumo deadlift high pull – A movement to generate maximum hip power safely.
Box Jumps – Transferring hip power and strength directly into a usable power.
About the coach
Ed was a focused rower for 6 years, and reached GB standard. Last year he was able to join the X-press M1 team in the bumps. He is an experienced personal trainer, and has worked and programmed at Crossfit Stags and Does for 2 years.
Ed also is a sports therapist so has a good understanding of injury, it’s prevention, and rehabilitation.
When and how to book:
We are keen to confirm dates. and then we will post up booking instructions here
We have worked with some fantastic rowers at our gym here is what they say:

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