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The Kettlebell Smash with Will Stacey

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Crossfit Programming April 4th-11th
April 3, 2016
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Crossfit programming 11-16th April
April 10, 2016

The Kettlebell Smash with Will Stacey

Will Staceys Kettlebell Workshop “THE KETTLEBELL SMASH”
Swing into action with our kettle bell workshop run by Will Stacey and hosted at Crossfit Stags & Does. Will stacey is a Premier Kettlebell workshop instructor.  It is aimed at those athletes and individuals who would like to hone, advance, improve or genuinely learn how to use kettlebells properly, wether it be within their own individual programmes, wanting to take kettlebells further for PT, learn a new skill, or adapt it to their current fitness routine.
How it works:
The day will start at 13:00 and will last for 5 hours, with several breaks structured through out.
The lifts that will be targeted will be: Swings, Cleans, Press, Front aquat, Snatches, Hitting heavy doubles for all the above lifts.
Also we will be getting skilful on swings, Halo’s, Figure of 8 & Turkish get ups.
The class is aimed at a basic to intermediate level, ranging from all ages to different sports and abilities.
Kettlebells are available but it will be first come first serve so if you can be advised bringing your own kettlebell.
The workshop will be Filled with loads of routines, practice time and coaching.
What better way to finish of the day with a testing work out that will push you to your limits and show you how much you have actually learnt through.
Followed by detailed mobility and flexibility to finish.
So if you like what you see or fancy challenging yourself then get in touch and book yourself on to the workshop. We look forward to seeing you there.
1pm-5pm Saturday May 21st
Just £40 or £30 for Members
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT = £30/£20 if booked before April 20th.
Just 10 Spaces available

Click here to book

or for More information Email Will:

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