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Beginners pull up guide

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April 30, 2015
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Beginners pull up guide

pull up with bands

pull up with bands

Beginners pull ups guide

This is for athletes who need a band to perform a strict pull ups.
It is a daily drill which can fit around our regular classes to get you quickly performing strict pull ups with out a band.
First make sure you have measure your maximum pull ups using a band record the band and number in the green folder.
Daily exercises to be performed every day that there is no pull ups in the workout. On days with pull ups in the workout you should just see them as your training for the day.

Warm up

With a maximum bar hang
Rest 30 seconds
4 to10 scapular pull ups
Maximum bar hang
Rest 30 seconds
4 to 10 scapular pull ups.

Main strength

Perform 5 sets through out your training session. Sets should be spaced at least 5 minutes apart.
Each set is: 1/2 your maximum pull ups with appropriate band.
Ideas on how to space the sets out:
1st after your initial warm up
2nd after class warm up
3rd after strength
4th after wod
5th after stretch
Stretch lats
Each monday retest your maximum pull ups after warming up. Use 1/2 this number in your sets above.

How it works:

This method is very effective because it means you do a large amount of pull ups each day with out ever approaching fatigue. So your body will not have any problem doing this everyday.
If your doing a lot of pull ups each day your body will adapt to get good at them.
Listen to your body, if your lats are stiff and sore, then stretch and take a day off.

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