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CrossFit programming 1.4.19 (Start of new block)

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CrossFit programming 25.3.19 (Deload week)
March 24, 2019
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CrossFit programming 8.4.19
April 7, 2019

CrossFit programming 1.4.19 (Start of new block)

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1st -> 7th April 2019

12 week block – 3 weeks on, 1 week deload x 3.
Focus for this block:

  • Muscle hypertrophy
  • Injury prevention / unilateral movements (accessories)
  • Skill development (gymnastics and oly lifting)
  • Strength focus
  • Strict gymnastics

The Open has finished, so now it’s time to let our bodies heal up, build some functional muscle, work on weaknesses and get stronger! The next 12 weeks will be very different to the last.
Imagine this as week 1 of the ‘off season’. We’ll be going back to basics on the Olympic lifts and breaking them down, incorporating a lot of strict gymnastic movements and adding in some ‘functional bodybuilding’ on Friday to keep us injury free & enjoying our fitness. The WOD’s on Monday and Thursday will be slightly heavier to link in with our overall goals. We’ll also be working towards a new back squat PB on Tuesdays with a back squat cycle.
Don’t forget to get in touch with your Hybrid coach if you have any questions about the programming or how you can maximize it for your own goals.
Structure for the next 12 weeks:
Monday: Snatch / Traditional style CrossFit WOD with a heavier weight Rx than normal.
Tuesday: Back squat / Aerobic base
Wednesday: Gymnastics / Strict gymnastics
Thursday: Clean & Jerk / Traditional style CrossFit WOD with a heavier weight Rx than normal.
Friday: Functional bodybuilding
Saturday: (workout announced on the day)
Sunday: Olympic lifting class



A. Snatch skill warm up
B. Snatch 5 x 3 @ 70%
C. Snatch pulls 3 x 5 @ 90%
4 rounds for time
30 DU / 90 SU (no attempts allowed)
15 burpees
5 thrusters 60/40kg



Back squats 3 x 10 reps at tempo 3210 (3 seconds down, 2 pause at bottom, 1 up, 0 at the top).
Make sure to really focus on staying with the tempos, this is important. Rest 2 mins between each set. Go as heavy as possible whilst maintaining good form, no dropping the chest or collapsing under the bar. 3 sets of these will be tough!!
Log weight used on last set on ZenPlanner.
EMOM 20 (each minute should have 15 seconds rest included)
Min 1: 45 seconds Cals Row/Bike (be consistent with every effort by sticking to same RPM and use same piece of kit.) Guys aim to stick on 65rpm+ and ladies 55rpm+ bike. For the row guys under 2:00, ladies under 2:10.
Min 2: 45 seconds of slow crawl
Min 3: 45 seconds Russian KB swings (choose a weight you only need to break once or unbroken)
Min 4: 45 seconds air squats




Min 1: (Push) Wall facing handstand hold (aim for 30 seconds total)
Min 2: (Pull) Ring row isometric hold 20-30 seconds
Min 3: (Midline) Hip flexor raises x 10-12
For time: 30-20-10*
Box jumps 24/20
*Check out 30 hand release push ups
(Aim to move well and not just fast to get it done. Ensure toes touch bar, or knees come up to correct level. Full extension of hips on box jumps. Chest touches floor on HR push-ups.)
This will be a good chance to challenge yourself on T2B/HKR/K2C options.



A. Clean & jerk skill warm up
B. Clean & jerk 5 x 3+1 @ 70%
C. Clean pulls 3 x 5 @ 90%
10 minute AMRAP
15 pull ups
10 Front squats 50/30kg



Functional bodybuilding:
Perform A1 then straight into A2, superset style. Rest 90 seconds max between each set.
A1. Seated DB/KB press 8-10 reps tempo 30X1
A2. Renegade rows 6-8 each side tempo 2020
B1. 30-45 second wall sit (optional weighted – KB’s in front rack)
B2. Scapula push ups on elbows x 12-15

15 Minutes of work for quality:
3 Wall walks
10 med ball squat cleans 9/6kg
10 strict pull ups
25ft single arm DB/KB OH carry – R
25ft single arm DB/KB OH carry – L




Workout announced on the day


Rest day or Olympic lifting class

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