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January 15, 2014
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January 22, 2014


So to continue on from yesterday I’m going to talk about the deadlift and its benefits for, the Olympic lifts, Crossfit, sport and functionality. As I touched on yesterday you can achieve great tension on the hamstrings and glutes whilst improving your grip. Its far more suited to the Olympic lifts because of how it can be adjusted to suit each style of lift. For example, snatch grip deadlift and clean pull deadlift. Performing these two styles of deadlift gives the athlete the chance to train  at a weight far greater than they can clean or snatch, improving there strength whilst hitting all the correct positions until you get to the third pull.

Above is a video of Kloklov performing a snatch grip deadlift.
The deadlift is great for absolute strength but also fantastic for performing multiple reps in order to gain muscular endurance or hypertrophy as long as you can maintain form. Its a relatively easy exercise to learn and can be translated very well into other sports and functionality for day to day living. “who doesn’t want to be able to pick heavy objects up with relative ease and correctly”. It is also one of the 9 fundamental movements of crossfit so learning this exercise and becoming strong in it is only going to help you improve you’re over all strength for the sport of fitness.

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