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Performance or aesthetics

January 16, 2014
Supple leopard
January 23, 2014

Performance or aesthetics

Even though Crossfit is absolutely booming all over the world I believe we are still a relatively small community of people that just love to stick a pair shorts and trainers on and absolutely beast ourselves. But because Crossfit is getting bigger and starting to appeal to a broader spectrum of people the inevitable goals are being brought with them. Lets spread the word and let everybody know that our main focus is on performance and improvement. If I want to improve my performance by mastering the 9 fundamental movements and other exercises that get performed throughout boxes all over the world I am only going to get fitter, stronger, faster and improve my health. Which will inevitably lead to a better body shape with out that being my main focus. I will become a product of my environment.
Goals are great in the gym and I really believe in them and how they can keep you focused and on track. But lets try to remember if we can focus on performance and work on movements not muscles we will all continue to improve in the way we look and above all how we perform.
I hope the two videos I have posted will inspire you to start focusing on performance too.


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