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Dino and Pips Paleo for lent

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Dino and Pips Paleo for lent

With both of us doing the 28 day paleo challenge last summer we thought we could try and go one better and go strict paleo for lent. A full 40 days and nights.
The idea behind this blog is for Pip and I to give you guys a weekly update on how we are getting on, post articles, recipes and try our best to answer any questions you guys may have.
Ok so by the end of day one we had both realised straight away how much we both craved sugar. We both fixed this by eating vast quantities of dried fruit. My choice was dates and Pips choice was figs. We can both safely say even though we are only on day 3 that we have successfully pushed through the sugar cravings. I’m not convinced how scientific this is but due to the fact that we spent most of the evening on day 1 in the lavatory we no longer desire high amounts of dried fruit. We strongly suggest small and very conservative portions or giving a friend a key to a locked dried fruit safe. This friend should only allow you to have access to this safe under very strict supervision.
Pips weekly recipe
Salmon and lemon fried veg
Salmon fillets
Kale – several large fist fulls
Asparagus (was on special offer)
Courgettes – 2-3 sliced
Coconut oil
Garlic – 2 cloves crushed
1/2 lemon
Pan fry salmon fillets in coconut oil (I usually have 2 to make up for not having carbs with this meal)
In another pan put a tablespooon of coconut oil, add the garlic then throw in all the vegetables. Pan fry until the courgette is soft in the middle.
Throw it all on a plate and squeeze some lemon over. Job done.

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