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Tips on the CrossFit open workout 14.2

Tips on the crossfit open workout 14.1
February 28, 2014
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March 7, 2014

Tips on the CrossFit open workout 14.2

The open workout 14.2 is finally here. Its got the bonus round format so it has the potential to be either a incredibly short workout right through to a long beast of a wod!
Provided you can do all the movements efficiently for this wod the key is going to be pacing for this wod.Barbell shrugs video on tips is the best I have seen and I highly recommend watching it below:

The analogy they use for pacing this is to look at this wod like running 400m for the first round then adding another 100m each round. You are not looking to sprint the run to maximise your recovery, your looking to jog the 400m to ideally take just under 3 minutes, then the same for the 500m ect…
So to jog this wod you want to be relatively unbroken on your over head squats but at a steady pace. Then bar down and walk over to the pull ups, catch your breath if you need to and begin the pull ups.
Next for pacing and through the rounds you want to be staying away from hitting failure on any movements, rest then go again. once you hit failure it will take way longer to recover. So break down the pull ups early, on the OH squats however you don’t want to be picking the bar up too many times so resting in the over hd position is a good idea.
The more upright you are in the overhead squat the easier this will be on your shoulders. So Olympic lifting shoes are ideal. Working on wall squats to really open up your hips and get upright.
The bow and arrow stretch below, is perfect improving your over head squat mobility:

Full snatching the first rep, is great if you can do 100% of the time, but not worth it at all if your going to miss a rep because of it.
Equipement and preperation:
1) Look after your hands – weather thats wearing gloves or taping its a good idea.
2) Chalk up and have a towel
3) Olimpic lifting shoes will make over head squats a lot easier.
4) have a planned pace and stick to it.

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