Wondering stag WOD 07/05/12 | Crossfit GYM

Wondering stag WOD 07/05/12

Hero Friday – Whitman
January 25, 2013
Wondering stags wod 14-05-13
May 14, 2013

Wondering stag WOD 07/05/12

With perfect form
3 rounds For time:
20 Air Squats – Fully standing each time and hips below knee height
20 press ups – Chest to floor and arms fully locked out.
20 Air Squats
20 Sit ups (touching floor and feet)
Post your times and Comments.


  1. Rob Malvern says:

    9:15 in Brazil. Awesome idea guys, very cool, keep it up 🙂

  2. Nathan Farrow says:

    9min 15sec’s.
    Sorry I didn’t make it last night! See you in 10 days or so.

    • Duncan - Cambridge CrossFit says:

      /ha you guys got exactly the same time, at different ends of the world. Re-match!

  3. Nathan Farrow says:

    It’s on

  4. Nathan Farrow says:

    8m 57secs here in jeddah. 18secs off my last time. Boom.

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