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Tips on the crossfit open workout 14.1

February 26, 2014
Tips on the CrossFit open workout 14.2
March 7, 2014

Tips on the crossfit open workout 14.1

Tips on the crossfit open workout 14.1
For your intermediate crossfiters who aren’t skilled in the power snatch or clean and press, the most time will be saved on bar efficiency, linking reps. Bringing the bar down in 1 motion and doing a touch and go off the ground.
You can add between 1-2 seconds per lift if you are not putting the bar down efficiently in one fluid motion and then pausing & reseting for the next lift. So spend time drilling this in first, making it efficient.
Next this is going to really blast your shoulders and rotator cuffs
so if your shoulders don’t have full rang internally rotating it will get fatigued much quicker as it is having to work hard.
Check out these videos they have some great tips:
Mobility on shoulder internal rotation

Tackling this wod:
First you don’t want to be sprinting this, you need to be at a pace you can comfortably sustain for the first 5 minutes. Check out the pace of these two guys, also look at their snatch form, the first guy to struggle is Hendren the one bothering with an efficient bar path, Fishers bar stays much closer to his body:

Top competitors should be aiming for around 8 rounds. 9+ for the best of the best.
Dont obsess about being unbroken, just don’t rest when you do break. There is no time for rest in this wod.
Check out Jason Khalipa attitude on this video despite breaking repeatedly and missing reps he still gets a great score. Its also a great video for pacing, he goes off to fast so suffers, but he does not rest so still gets a great score.

Warm up
Its a fast lung burner so you will need to be warm. So a good 30-40 mins of warm up.
I highly recommend doing this wod twice (not in one day!) if you can, the first time you do it you will get a good gage on how to pace it. Its very unlikely you will pick the optimum pace on your first attempt. I will be doing this today (friday and Monday) With a lot of shoulder mob in between.
Simple to do but effective and often happens! Look after your equipment !
Double tie your shoes, and check rope is secure and won’t break during the wod.
Double lock the weights on the bar so they don’t move.
Mental approach 
Remember Have fun reps are much easier with a smile on your face than a grimace.
Dont think about the clock, upcoming reps or past reps, just the rep your on and how you feel fine and its light so keep going.
Last 3 minutes – mentally sprint to the line, push through the pain and reduce rest.

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