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Muscle ups – Kip to hips

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August 20, 2014
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Muscle ups – Kip to hips

Each at the Box week we will focus on learning a new gymnastic skill in our warm ups.
This weeks skill is learning the kip required for bar muscle ups, the same movement will also help your ring muscle ups.
Kip to hips:
Below Carl is demonstrating exactly what we are after.
Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 19.18.30The key points to this movement:
1)hips are on the bar
2)legs are low – if your legs are to high the weight of your legs will mean you can not swing over the bar into the catch position.
3)Focus on your hips powering you to the bar, not your arms. You must feel like you are gliding.
Learning this movement:
Firstly as with all gymnastics movements, master the basics first. First of all we will be learning this using a slight jump and a hip snap.
Stage 1
So we will use gymnastic rings and lower them, until you can perform this correctly with a jump. We can then gradually raise the rings until you can do this just below bar height.
When you can do this perfectly hitting the exact finish position shown above. Move on to stage 2.
Stag 2
Now we will learn to kip. first see how close to your hips you can kip? if you can already do it. Great complete 3 perfect reps rest 30 seconds and repeat 4 times all week. this will ensure you have the muscle memory before attempting the catch.
If you can only reach chest or abdomen. we need to focus on this differently. You will instinctively want to kip the bar to your body as high as you can. But this is not what we must focus on. We must focus on how close to the hips.
So imagine a line coming out of your hips horizontally. this is the line we will be hitting and pulling to. To hit it your body weight must be thrown back and your hips up toward the bar.
By focusing on this you will quickly start to hit that position.
thanks for reading, we will be demonstrating this all week in the box.

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